Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease

Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson’s Disease: Evidence Based Practice

This is a 2-day live continuing education course for therapists and assistants. The course present as review of M.S. and P.D., including: etiologies, epidemiology, diagnosis, current treatments & interventions, and discusses therapy-specific evidence-based interventions. The attendee will acquire the knowledge needed to evaluate the patient using a variety of tests & measures, and document in ways more meaningful to the referring physician. Since interventions are evidence–based, better outcomes are expected.
Length: 15 Hours
Level: Beginner & Intermediate
Who Attends: PT, OT, & Assistants

Course Objectives

  • Identify commonly seen signs & symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Identify common signs & symptoms of M.S.
  • Understand how the anatomical structures are involved in movement
  • Identify the underlying pathologies in M.S. and P.D. that create movement dysfunction
  • List the Stages of M.S. & P.D.
  • List & Demo Tests Used to Identify Fall Risk
  • Identify 3 therapy interventions for M.S.
  • Identify 3 therapy interventions for P.D.
  • List outcome measures that may be used when assessing these patient populations
  • Identify common medications used for each disease

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“The instructor had a strong knowledge base and was easy to understand. He was open to questions and made sure that the participants understood the material…”
K. McClanahan, PTA
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